Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My thoughts on t-ball.

One of our friends suggested/encouraged that we sign up Eli up for t-ball. Well he also volunteered Tim to coach the team with him. So this has been interesting. First of all we are in the unique position of being in a community that doesn't think very highly of our church. When we came here 3 years ago this church had been in conflict for the past 60 years. We took the church into a mediation process and encouraged them to begin dealing with issues in a Biblical manner. In the end several families left. What began as a honeymoon where Tim was the greatest, ended quickly. As we look back over that time, it all cumulated at a point when Tim began preaching about the need for repentence and self inspection as a prerequiste for revival. Things were really pretty good when he preached about God's goodness and love. They went down hill quickly as he preached about our need for repentence. In particular the Sunday when he read from Charles Finney's book "Lectures on Revival" it was a noticable shift in the air.

So what in the world does this have to do with t-ball? I know you are wondering but I will get there. After all that has happened at this church, Tim and I are not likely to be voted "most popular pastor and family" in our town. So Tim goes down to sign Eli up for t-ball and finds out he will be a coach. Then he notices the other 3 coaches talking and worrying about getting "their players". Tim told them, you chose the players you want and I will take Eli and the rest.

Well just so you know at their third game of the season, everyone of our players got a hit from a coach pitched ball. You see they give the players 3 swings to hit a pitch and then they put the ball on the t. Our players (those that basically none of the other teams wanted) all hit the ball tonight. And my proud mama moment was when Eli hit the ball through the in field all the way to fence.

I am so proud of Tim. You see I know that this isn't the highlight of his life. These past three years have been hard. He has struggled to lead a 170 year old church into a new era. Tim has been called lots of names and has been accused of "taking over the church". He has been called a dictator, a liar and a hot head. Through all of this he has managed to maintain his calm and integrity.

Our team has continued to progress and tonight they played their last game of the season. We have had a wonderful time (albeit tiring at times)and have come to love the little boys who have played with Eli. The coaches of this team has taken a group of boys and modeled for them good sportsmanship and respect.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Photos

Several friends have reminded me (gently) that I need to update my blog. I finally got some photos developed so I am going to upload some of halloween and birthdays. I will try to update with an actual post this week.

Joshua's birthday was in November and he wanted a Diego cake. He loves Diego (hence the outfit).