Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My bloggy friends

I am trying to make a commitment to blog on a more regular basis and I mean like a couple of times a week rather than every couple of months. Since I signed up for Facebook, I have reconnected with some wonderful college friends (I dare not say old because we aren't). Three of them have very active blogs and I love reading and learning from them. So I thought I would add them to my links and also tell you about them.

Meredith and I were on the same hall our freshman year at college. She is/was classy. We lost touch after we both got married and our husbands moved us in different directions. I have so enjoyed connecting with her on Facebook. I love seeing her lovely family and reading her blog. She has inspired (or is it convicted me) to actually meal plan and eat at home. She has a wonderful blog and her recipe blog is a great resource. She also has some great crafty ideas and posts.

Amy was one of my idols in college. We were in the same social club (that would be sorority for those not at our private university) and she was the chaplain. I admired her depth and insight (and I still do). Her stories keep me in tears with laughter.

Susan was another one that I admired from afar. We were also in the same social club, but I think my first meeting with Susan was because she helped grade for my Intro to Political Science class. In a random chance Susan met my parents several years ago and we reconnected for a time (when we were both pregnant with our oldest. I so enjoyed reading her pregnancy emails (she had triplets). She still has a wonderful way with words and since she has all boys (did I mention triplets) there are so many things I can relate to when she blogs.

The other totally awesome thing about these gals is that they have links to numerous blogs that are just as well written and informative, but most of all they are fun to read.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photo contest

I just entered a photo contest and need you to go vote for my photo.

Here is the link

Photography contest

Mine is photo 13 of Will coming down a slide.

Thanks for the vote.

Need to update

I haven't been very good at blogging. Things were crazy in the fall with our plan for a move to Arizona and then we ended up in Texas. So many things have happened that it is hard to catch up.

we planned to move to Arizona to plant a church, as we were making those plans there were some things that happened with the sponsor church that made us reconsider the move. They weren't bad necessarily but it just seemed that they were not at the place of being prepared to sponsor a new church. After much prayer we began to consider other options. Our church in Alabama was very supportive of us. We really felt like it was time for us to move but we weren't sure what direction to take.

As we continued to pray and seek God's plan, we talked about Texas again. We first interviewed with Texas in 2006 (before Will was born). We continued to pray and on a weekend we decided that we wouldn't actively pursue Texas (in other words Tim wouldn't call them) but if they contacted us we would be open to it. On Monday we got a call from Texas. The church planting director told us that they still needed a church planter in Copperas Cove (where we had interviewed). We started the process of talking with this group again and planned for a visit. Things progressed and it became clear that this was the place God was directing us.

We stayed in Alabama through Christmas which was nice for us and moved to Texas in February. We have been in Texas for over a month and we are settling in. We have the boxes unpacked and are trying to find our way around and meet our neighbors.