Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daniel week 3 Trials

I don't like trials. There I said it. I hate suffering and I especially hate watching those around me suffer. It is hard but I realize that those trials are a necessary part of life.

1 Peter 1:7 (New Living Translation) says "These trials will show that your faith is genuine." Ok, so trials show that my faith is genuine. Genuine means authenic, real, not counterfit. I like the first part of the definition authenic and real sound good. Not counterfit kind of stings. If trials show that my faith is genuine then does my lack of faith during a trial show it as counterfit. Again it seems that God (with Amber's help) has striped away my comfort zone with this Bible study.

God used Josiah to show that even when things happen outside of my control that he will redeem the tragedy. One of the unexpected benefits of our experience happened during the memorial service for Josiah. We had a friend who attended our church. We had shared with her But one of the issues she struggled with was guilt from an abortion. She had made the decision years before she was married and had children. This decision shadowed her life and as she began to experience who Jesus was it was the one thing that continued to haunt her. God had given me the priviledge of sharing with her before we were even pregnant with Josiah. I shared how God loves us and that his forgiveness covers all our sins. At our memorial service we shared our grief but also our hope. One of the priveledges of being a Christian is that our hope doesn't end on this earth. As this friend left the service she shared how she had used the time to accept God's forgiveness for her abortion and as a memorial for her baby. It was poignant as she asked us if it was "ok" with us. OK? We rejoiced in the acceptance of God's grace and forgiveness. It was precious to us to see how God was already using our experience to draw others to him.

Even though I am honest about not liking trials, I know that they cause me to draw closer to God. When I suffer through trials then I draw closer to God because he is my help. When I watch my friends go through trials I draw closer to God as I pray and intercede for their situation. It is amazing to see how God answers those prayers and uses that to strengthen my faith.