Sunday, January 6, 2008

One of my goals this year.

I know that lots of people make a goal or resolution to lose weight and I am going to join the crowd.

I have struggled with my weight my entire marriage. I have gained and lost several times. Since having children (9 years ago) it has been a real struggle to get to a healthy weight and stay there.

On a board I am a member of we are doing a Biggest Loser challenge and there are weekly challenges. This week the challenge is to answer the question "Why am I doing this?" So I am answering it here in my blog. Here is the list of reasons I want to lose weight.

I want to head off type 2 diabetes that both my parents have.

I want to be a normal size.

I want to be able to play with my boys and not be tired or winded.

I want to be at a healthy weight 20 years after graduating from high school (2008).

I want to be healthier at 40 than I was at 30 (2010).

I want to have normal cholestrol levels.

I don't want to have to take lots of medication as I age to solve weight related problems.

I want my children to see healthy activity as fun.

I want to teach my children self discipline by modeling it for them.

I want my children to have healthy attitudes about food.

I want to enjoy wearing a swimsuit in the summer.

I want to love myself enough to be good to myself.

I don't want to be addicted to food or anything else.

I want to enjoy taking the boys on walks and nature hikes and not dread it.

I want to be the woman dh says I am.

I am trying to make this about health and I know the weight loss will follow. I know that if it becomes about losing weight I will probably gain it back.

My big goal for this week is to drink enough water every day. I feel so much better when I drink water but I seem to derail off that track frequently. Back on task with at least 64 oz of water every day this week.

I will catch up all up on our other goals for the year later this week. I am hoping that since the holidays are over and all our family is home that we will be able to get back into a routine this week and I want to start blogging on a more regular basis.

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