Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bald and Golden Eagles

We went to a local forest ecology preserve to see a presentation on eagles this morning. The presentation was from Auburn University's Raptor Center. They did a presentation this summer at our local library and the boys loved it. It is great fun to see "War Eagle" in person after seeing him fly at the games. Today a friend took some wonderful photos.

This is Spirt and he is being trained to fly at the Auburn games in the fall. It is hard to tell in this photo but he was injured as a young bird and his beak is not curved like it should be. He would not survive in the wild so he was rehabilitated and is used in educational programs.

This is Nova (War Eagle #7). I can't tell you what a beautiful bird he is. We have seen him fly at the games and it is really incredible but even more so to see him upclose.

Here is the link for the Auburn Raptor Center. They have some awesome kids stuff on their website.

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