Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My bloggy friends

I am trying to make a commitment to blog on a more regular basis and I mean like a couple of times a week rather than every couple of months. Since I signed up for Facebook, I have reconnected with some wonderful college friends (I dare not say old because we aren't). Three of them have very active blogs and I love reading and learning from them. So I thought I would add them to my links and also tell you about them.

Meredith and I were on the same hall our freshman year at college. She is/was classy. We lost touch after we both got married and our husbands moved us in different directions. I have so enjoyed connecting with her on Facebook. I love seeing her lovely family and reading her blog. She has inspired (or is it convicted me) to actually meal plan and eat at home. She has a wonderful blog and her recipe blog is a great resource. She also has some great crafty ideas and posts.

Amy was one of my idols in college. We were in the same social club (that would be sorority for those not at our private university) and she was the chaplain. I admired her depth and insight (and I still do). Her stories keep me in tears with laughter.

Susan was another one that I admired from afar. We were also in the same social club, but I think my first meeting with Susan was because she helped grade for my Intro to Political Science class. In a random chance Susan met my parents several years ago and we reconnected for a time (when we were both pregnant with our oldest. I so enjoyed reading her pregnancy emails (she had triplets). She still has a wonderful way with words and since she has all boys (did I mention triplets) there are so many things I can relate to when she blogs.

The other totally awesome thing about these gals is that they have links to numerous blogs that are just as well written and informative, but most of all they are fun to read.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You're so sweet, Robin. I've always secretly wanted to be called classy, so thanks, friend!

Hey, thanks for your comment on that post about God's voice/character. I dont' necessarily need everyone to agree with me, but that anonymous comment really threw me off. Your post was gracious... thank you.

Hope ya'll have a great Palm Sunday down in TX.

Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

Robin said...

Hope you have a great week this week being unplugged. We are traveling to AR to visit family for Easter so we will be close to your home, we will wave for you.

Whimzie@Snoodlings said...

Wow, Robin. Too much! When I think of you, I remember your consistency, strength, and integrity. I admired that your walk was strong and you didn't step back from what was right and true.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from you! I'm very interested in what it's like to plant a church in a brand new city and can't to hear what you and God are up to next!

P.S. Thanks for not calling us old.

Carpoolqueen said...

That was so nice of you to say that!!! I admire that you still have your sanity with all that testosterone PLUS Tim in the house.
My hat is off to YOU.

So glad you're going to be a regular. Looking forward to hearing what God's got on your heart.