Saturday, March 28, 2009

Need to update

I haven't been very good at blogging. Things were crazy in the fall with our plan for a move to Arizona and then we ended up in Texas. So many things have happened that it is hard to catch up.

we planned to move to Arizona to plant a church, as we were making those plans there were some things that happened with the sponsor church that made us reconsider the move. They weren't bad necessarily but it just seemed that they were not at the place of being prepared to sponsor a new church. After much prayer we began to consider other options. Our church in Alabama was very supportive of us. We really felt like it was time for us to move but we weren't sure what direction to take.

As we continued to pray and seek God's plan, we talked about Texas again. We first interviewed with Texas in 2006 (before Will was born). We continued to pray and on a weekend we decided that we wouldn't actively pursue Texas (in other words Tim wouldn't call them) but if they contacted us we would be open to it. On Monday we got a call from Texas. The church planting director told us that they still needed a church planter in Copperas Cove (where we had interviewed). We started the process of talking with this group again and planned for a visit. Things progressed and it became clear that this was the place God was directing us.

We stayed in Alabama through Christmas which was nice for us and moved to Texas in February. We have been in Texas for over a month and we are settling in. We have the boxes unpacked and are trying to find our way around and meet our neighbors.

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Where is Copperas Cove? Or what big city is it close to. Houston?