Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, M&Ms and Science?

I enjoy homeschooling. Then there are days when it is just so much fun that I can't imagine doing anything else. We had a small break while family was visiting (and I need to post those pictures too) so this week we really had to get back to "real" schoolwork.

But several months ago I found this fun activity to do using the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle. Since Will loves that book I printed out and laminated the sheets for the activity but we never got around to doing it. This week I bought the M&Ms and gave the boys the sheets and they loved it (chocolate, what's not to love?).

They had one sheet that they laid the M&Ms on by color. Then the older boys had another sheet that they used to tally the number of M&Ms by color. Then the best part...they got to eat them. I think I won a cool mom teacher award to for this little science classification project.


Carpool Queen said...

That's an activity I could get excited about! We do a lot of addition homework with fruit loops.

Robin said...

LOL Fruit Loops my boys would love that I am a little bit of a cereal nazi.

Jennifer Sikora said...

This was and has always been one of my favorite stories!

Linda said...

What fun!
I enjoyed reading your blog as I linked from another blog where you commented.

Could you share the link to the activity you all did?