Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Calendar Noteook

This past year, I decided to try a new method for teaching calendar ideas. I saw this Calendar Notebook and really liked the way it looked. I also liked that it wouldn't take up space on the wall like many calendar centers do.

I looked around and decided that I would use the following inserts for our notebooks. I used the blank calendars, blank 100 grids and Tally marks chart from Mrs. Meacham. I downloaded Written Date Page, Make the Date with Money, Hundred, Tens and Ones, and Weather Graphs from Mama Jenn.

Carissa and Jolanthe both have great print outs and links for calendar boards supplies and ideas. Carissa has some downloads to do color of the week, thermostat temperature tracker, what day is it? Lots of really good ideas.  I like the idea on Carissa's site of using real coins in the make the date and I plan to incorporate that into our notebooks this year as well.


Etta said...

I like this idea. I'm using a lot of the same ones but I couldn't get some of Mama Jenn's printables to download for some reason. I also created a Tempurature Statistics page for Jamie's notebook where he can record the day's predicted high and low and then record the current tempurature at 9am each day. At the end of the week, he can use the temp statistics to figure the mean, median and mode tempurature for the week. We might not use this right off, but when he learns those skills, it will be good reinforcement.

Robin said...

Etta that is a great idea and I may totally steal that idea for the older boys.