Monday, July 4, 2011

Two new favorite websites.

I have two new sites that I LOVE.

The first is Pinterest. I love it. I now have a virtual bulletin board of things that I like, recipes, crafts to try, homeschool ideas, just about anything I find on the web that I want to remember. You "pin" a photo from the website and you have a board of all your ideas.

The second is Library Thing.  A few weeks ago I ordered some books from Amazon.  When they arrived I realized that one of them was a free book that I already had on my iPad.  I hate having to return things!  With Library Thing I can catalog all our books.  Plus, there is a category for books read but not owned!  I signed up for the lifetime membership which costs $25 but you can try it out for free and list up to 200 books.  I also bought the CueCat when I signed up.  This little magic machine is great.

You simply swipe the "cat" across the bar code and your book is entered into your Library Thing library.

Do you have any can't live without organizational websites?

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