Monday, September 3, 2012

To Have and To Hold Part 2


My parents 50th wedding anniversary brought me out of a blogging hiatus. Then thanks to Pinterest I found this marriage challenge and the first weeks emphasis is prayer.

All marriages go through an ebb and flow. I think it is the nature of living with and loving another person. I shared how I have seen the marriage vows lived out in my parents lives.  One thing, I know about my parents is that they daily spend time praying for us individually and as a couple.  This act of prayer is glue that helps hold their marriage together.

My friends and family know that I don't enjoy calling people on the phone. I don't mind chatting on the phone but making the call, not so much. When a crisis happens in my mom and dad are on speed dial.  I worry that because I mostly call when I need them to pray for something that they dread seeing my number on caller id. (Mama I am trying to get better about this!)  But I know that when I call they will pray.  I know that because I have seen the evidence in their lives and in our lives of their intercession.

So I am committing to taking my prayer life to the next level in my marriage.  I want my children to look at our marriage and my life and know that it is bathed in prayer.  I know that the best thing I can do for our kids is to pray for their dad and our marriage.  I am adding some little "reminders" to our home for me to prayer.  I plan to post some "notes" with prayer reminders where I will see them often during the day.

Want to join along?  Darlene suggests using your wedding ring as a reminder to pray for your husband and your marriage.  What ideas do you have for praying for your husband and marriage?

Be sure and check out the link above and also check out this kindle book on prayer that is free Sept. 3rd and 4th. The Sensational Scent of Prayer.

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