Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well a little background, Tim and I have been in ministry all our lives. Both of our fathers are pastors. Then my maternal grandfather and Tim's paternal grandfather were pastors.

Just some interesting family lore. My grandfather became a Christian one Sunday. When he got to church that night the pastor handed him his Bible and told him to preach. Tim's grandfather and several other men were saved that night.

Tim's grandfather became a pastor and all three of his sons became pastors. My grandfather was a pastor/church planter and his only son became a pastor and two of his daughters married pastors.

Tim's brother and cousin are pastors. So when I say that we have been in ministry all our lives, we really have. I joke that I married a pastor because I didn't know you could do anything else.

Even though I joke about it I love being in ministry. Tim and I share a partnership in marriage and ministry, we both feel called. I can't imagine our life doing anything else. Sure there are times when it seems like it is so hard. But when I try to imagine us doing something different, I am reminded of the call God placed on our lives. When things get really difficult I am reminded that Jesus said we would have trouble in this world. He told us that as his disciples we would be hated.

I feel so blessed that God has chosen to bless us and use us in ministry. I know that the decision my grandfather made so many years ago changed not just his life but the lives of his family. He had a profound influence on so many others. We will never know the true scope of his influence in this lifetime.

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