Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Lazy Sunday

Well I am playing around with my blog, trying out new colors and styles. I am a change my purse every day or so gal so I have a feeling that if I am going to be blogging on a regular basis I may be a change my layout every week or so. We will see.

Today was a good day. Since we have been in ministry oh say all our lives, we rarely have a lazy Sunday. Usually it is the busiest day of the week for us. That is hard for one of our boys. He is not a move very fast, get up very early kind of guy. So literally Sundays can be a battle field with me being the drill Sargent and that doesn't promote the idea of peace and harmony in our home.

But today was glorious I tell you. First of all since we aren't having services yet, we are currently church hopping. You know the best thing about church hopping is that some churches actually have an early service AND a late service. Let me tell you that not having to be at church before 11:00 am is complete bliss for me.

This morning all the boys got up on their own. I didn't have to wake one of them up with gentle back rubs accompanied by let's get dressed and I have juice ready for you ONCE you get to the car. Yes that is the way some of our Sunday mornings go.

They got up and had a leisurely breakfast. Since we have been in Texas I have been trying to make Sunday morning a little more special with a hot breakfast. This morning they had cereal and yogurt and hard boiled eggs. So it was our "usual" but it was still good.

Then I actually let them watch TV. Usually TV and any other electronic devices (think handheld games) are a no no on Sunday morning because they are just an invitation for a fight of some type. This morning we had plenty of time and so the boys got to watch TV (still no games).

Then about 10 am we got up and actually left for church at 10:30. We arrived (just in time) to put the boys in their class and slip into the back of the service during the first song.

We were actually visiting a church to hear their worship leader. I don't know if he will work for our context or not. The service was good. I left thoughtfully considering what the pastor said and trying to determine my view. I also left with a renewed sense of purpose. We know we have been called here (to this area of Texas) specifically for the purpose of starting a church different from the norm.

The church we visited in this morning was fine, nothing wrong with their service or theology but they were geared toward those with some understanding of church and religion. Our target is those who aren't wired that way. So once again I feel confirmed that God placed us here for a reason.

On another note, we had our first community event yesterday. We hosted a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt and we had 33 people show up. We met lots of great people and hopefully had the first of many great events to introduce us and our church to the community.

We also connected with a couple who just moved here from Alabama. The same area we lived in. Plus the husband is originally from a town 20 minutes from where I grew up. How cool is that. Oh and the best part they looking for a church home and seem interested in our plant. WOW! We are hoping to connect with them again this week and then set up dinner in two weeks. The husband will be deploying but the wife and her sister are here with the kids. So this is a great family that we can minister to and they may be a part of our launch team. I think it is so cool how God works.


Carpool Queen said...

So looking forward to seeing how God's going to unfold everything.

Whimzie@Snoodlings said...

One of my friends here is planting a church with her husband. I never knew what the life of a church planter was like until I've had this chance to get to know her family. Wow, I have such respect for you guys!

I'm so glad you had an easy Sunday morning. Those are so rare in minister's families! Enjoy them!