Monday, May 4, 2009

Gladitude Monday

1. Glad that we had a good school day today.

2. Glad the boys love the new history book we got. Currently we are reading A Child's History of America and a Bald Eagle's View of American History

3. Glad that our new Dave Ramsey curriculum came in for the boys.

4. Glad I get to go to a scrapbook workshop tomorrow night.

5. Glad strawberries were on sale at the store today.

6. Glad for the pack of P&G coupons I got in the mail today.

7. Glad the boys are loving their new trampoline.

8. Glad we get to visit our friends in Alabama and family in Georgia this month.

9. Glad the boys have gotten along all day with out fighting.

10. Glad that this is my first week of Weight Watchers and I hope I have lost some weight.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Your list made me glad too! Hope your weigh in goes well!!!!!!

My kids want a trampoline SO bad.

Amy said...

I'm glad you joined the Gladitude party!

This was a fun list!

Carpoolqueen said...

I'm glad about strawberries as well, and that my boys don't like them so there are more for me.

They're begging for a trampoline. Dad says they'll shoot their eye out.

Robin said...

Girls every child NEEDS a trampoline. This is our second one. I didn't have one as a child and still feel deprived. LOL Seriously though the boys LOVE it and it is great way to burn off extra energy. We bought the 15 foot one at Sam's (we had a 14 ft one) and I like this one alot more. We had a net with the last one, it was a disaster. The boys would bounce off the net so I am not such a big fan of nets. They stayed on it last night until after 8:30 and it was getting really dark.

Gretchen said...

Happy Gladitudes, Robin!

Lurve your list. Best of luck in your WW goals.

Thanks for joining the party, and enjoy those strawberries. :)