Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Search of THE Perfect Purse

It seems like every year about this time (Mother's Day) I begin a quest to find THE perfect purse. Once again I am on the quest. It is really quite a joke between Tim and I. So much so that the other day when I mentioned it he told me that when I found THE purse to be sure and buy one in every color. (Thanks hun!)

Anyway so here are a few that I am looking at today...

I like the "idea" of this one. I mean it is "upcycled" and all that but I don't think I am cool enough to carry it off. Plus it is a little on the big side for me. But maybe with this one I wouldn't need a bag for Will, a church bag for Josh and a purse. I don't know.

I was really excited about the possibilty of this one, but then I read on and found out it was just the shell, I would need the purse for it to go over.

And if I am purse shopping I have to look around Vera Bradley. I found this one on sale even, but I don't care for the color although I love the style.

I love this pattern but don't know if it is big enough for me. Unfortunately there isn't a local store that carries Vera here.

These three are all from Cotton Candy Boutique. I really like the style of the third one but I am not sure I love the colors. I love the colors on number one and number two (minus the burlap). She says she can do a purse in the fabric you like so maybe the red flowered fabric with black in the bottom style.

So many if you have found THE perfect purse tell me about it.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm really not a purse girl, but I do love Vera Bradley.

I go more for function than fashion.

My dad bought me a Coach bag years and years ago. I carry it in the winter months b/c it's black and it's classic, but I like a kicky bag for summer months. And my one pet peeve are purses that won't stay on my shoulder. I like thick straps for that reason!

Good luck!

Carpoolqueen said...

I'm still in search of the perfect brown purse. I refuse to buy one until I find IT. I've now searched for three years. I know it exists somewhere.

I love the stripey purse from your pics - mainly because it would go with everything.

Whimzie@Snoodlings said...

I haven't found the perfect brown purse either.

I have purses, I just forget to change them. I usually carry the same one until it looks like trash and I'm forced to change it.

How could you not like the color of that Vera Bradley one. Ahem.

Gretchen said...

I'll take one of each, thank you. I feel a bit deprived if I don't have a handbag for each season. Well...I can cheat and do 1 for fall and winter, but I don't like to. :) Doesn't matter if they're inexpensive, either, as long as I like them.

Robin said...

Grethen I totally agree, I love to have a new bag each season. Well especially spring and summer. Also I don't care about price if it is something I really love.

Amy I so could have used that bag in college, just saying...