Monday, May 11, 2009

House Photos

I told some friends that I would post pics of our new house. Well since it has been several weeks since I said that I thought I better get busy.

Living Room

Formal Dining Area

We just rearranged this today. We are still looking for a small table to go in here. This is where we do the majority of our school work (so a table would be nice). The boys do work on the dining room table but lately I have been sitting in the living room and they just spread out on the floor. One of the bookcases holds all our school books for the year and supplies.

Family Room

Breakfast Area

Master Bedroom

Littles Bedroom

Guest Bedroom aka Wii room/Tim's Office

I didn't get pictures of the kitchen or the my older children's bedrooms. Apparently, when I told them to clean their room this morning I didn't communicate clearly that I wanted the beds actually made and all the stuff picked up off the floor. I am not sure what they thought I wanted them to do? I will let you imagine why I didn't take pictures of my kitchen...


Carpoolqueen said...

It looks so rooomy!! Perfect for a bunch of boys to get rowdy in.

Welcome home!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Lovely...and man, your house is CLEAN.

Robin said...

Well you notice that I didn't post pics of the Kitchen or the older boys room. LOL

The living area is extremely roomy and we love that but I wish the boys rooms were a little bigger. We have converted the garage into a playroom because they don't have enough space in their rooms to play. Or maybe it is that they have too many toys to play with. Either way the majority of their toys are in the garage and it is a diaster area. I am getting ready to call in FEMA.

The other huge plus is we have a huge back yard (almost a full acre) that is fenced. The boys love it.

Kellie said...

Hey Robin!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Its fun to get a glimpse into your (very clean) house!

I also noticed that you are a home schooler. Me too!

Isnt' it fun to plan and organize in a new home?